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Frequently Asked Questions



We believe that having a positive experience in school is critical for a child.  Get started with Growing Scholars so your child can develop skills that will improve their experience in school and at home. These skills will ultimately help your child experience success and develop a life-long love for learning and healthy, positive habits.    

How Is success measured in your program?

Success in Growing Scholars occurs in many ways.  Students learn their purpose in life is to be the best version of their unique selves. All topics, strategies, and emotional and intellectual pondering impact students differently—awareness and how scholars improve are individualized. The process of growth is unique for each child. As we goal-set and work through The Cycle of GrowthTM, positive changes in your child will occur.  Most of the changes you will see will be in attitude and engagement with family and school, leading to more productive positive behaviors in both settings. Students also are introduced to the Triangle of TriumphTM, our simple and effective method for managing big emotions and challenging situations. They are encouraged to use the Triangle of TriumphTM and given opportunities for support in utilizing this behavior calming strategy. Because changes occur differently in all children, some will occur quickly, while most take time, practice, and accountability to be sustainable.  Be patient.  Good things will happen. 

What should my child expect from the program?

Students will meet on a virtual platform in small groups. They can expect highly engaging and interactive sessions with Dr. Losi and their peers.  Each series of sessions is designed to inform and encourage students with opportunities to strategize, goal-set, reflect on actions, and revise as needed for positive change.  Student focus will be on their current behaviors and experiences at school and home with the understanding that growth and improvement is the overall goal.  Students use a notebook during each session to collect information.  Collaborating with peers by sharing ideas, plans, encouragement, successes, and challenges is part of what we do.  They will leave each session with a new awareness and goal for positive change for the following week.  Students should expect increased pride, excitement, and independence as they develop positive attitudes, healthy habits, and productive routines. 



My child is already successful with most routines and behaviors. Will they still benefit from the program? 


Growing Scholars offers sessions that motivate, challenge, and extend intellectual and personal growth for all students at all levels.  As students learn to think deeply, plan, take action, and reflect on improving what and how they accomplish tasks they will benefit and have a positive experience.  

How do I know if the Growing Scholars program is right for my child? 


All parents are encouraged to attend a free online 30-minute information meeting to meet Dr. Losi.  You will learn more about Growing Scholars and have a conversation about your child to determine if the program is a good fit. Students should be motivated to be challenged to learn and grow.   ​

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