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About our sessions

Growing Scholars aims to improve a child's potential for success at school and home by teaching essential skills that promote the development of a positive attitude, healthy habits, and independent routines.  Essential skills include social and emotional awareness, developing a growth mindset, goal setting, habit awareness, reflection, and revision.  We also aim to motivate high-achieving and gifted students to go beyond what they thought possible.

All sessions are virtual and in real-time.

  • Students learn from the convenience of home.

  • One-hour sessions with small group-size 

  • Private, one-on-one sessions available

  • Opportunities for peer collaboration, reflection, personal goal-setting, developing independence, & growth

  • Students learn and practice the Triangle of TriumphTM to promote positive behavior change in emotionally challenging situations.

  • Students learn and practice the Cycle of GrowthTM when establishing healthy habits and independent routines.

  • All sessions were created and are taught by Dr. Losi.

Mixed race teen school girl college student distance learning during virtual remote class,
Hispanic teen girl school college student distance learning waving hand studying with onli
Young business man talking with diverse colleagues in virtual video conference group chat

Group Sessions

One-on-One Sessions

Parent Power Hour

  • Small group-size for easy access to the facilitator

  • Opportunities for peer collaboration, reflection, personal goal-setting, accountability, developing independence, & growth

  • Private, one-on-one sessions available with Dr. Losi (student, parent, or both) 

  • Address specific needs and develop customized strategies for individualized success in the classroom and at home

  • Time to delve deeper into parenting practices to support your growing scholar

  • Learn successful strategies

  • Find comfort and gain confidence in making parenting decisions

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Series Options

Essential Habits and Routine Building

15 Sessions

Part 1—Life Balance, Growth Mindset, Habits & Routines

Part 2—Establishing the Habits & Routines of a Scholar

Essential Skills: Part 1

Behaviors of a Scholar

15 Sessions


Learn the what, how, and why behind the importance of developing the habits of a scholar for success in school and life. Engaging, enlightening educational topics that challenge behavioral habits and routines, decision-making, and the mind.

Things we'll cover:

  1. Balance – Life – Vision

  2. Habits – Awareness

  3. Homework Routines/Habits

  4. School Behaviors – How you Behave Attracts Attention

  5. Study Habits – Routines/Strategies

6.  Communicating with Teachers
     and Other Adults at School

7.  Friendships of a Scholar

8.  Success, It’s a Choice (Your Choice)

9.  Anxiety and Scholars

10. Many Perspectives

11. Challenging the Mind

12. Growing as a Scholar—
Why Does it Matter?

13. Empathy

14. The Cycle of Growth

15. Goal Setting

16. Gratitude

Essential Skills: Part 2

Soaring Beyond the Classroom 


Build on the Essential Skills. We'll cover topics like leadership, community service, publishing your work, entrepreneurial thinking, and DREAMING BIG for college, career, and life—then create a plan.

Make it Happen Monday

5 Session Minimum

Students come prepared to set goals and strategize a plan for the week & beyond.

Get the support needed by practicing the Cycle of GrowthTM weekly.

Accountability, practice, and essential skills for success are the focus of this session. 

Parent-Power Hour

Group meetings twice a month 


Time to delve deeper into parenting practices to support your growing scholar, find comfort, and gain confidence in parenting decisions. Learn parenting strategies for helping your kids establish healthy habits and routines that foster independence and peace in your home.

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