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Strategies for Success

Students use the Cycle of GrowthTM when goal setting and analyzing their growth patterns.  They methodically work through the cycle, starting with the information and awareness step. As they practice the steps of the cycle in sequential order, they develop an orderly and predictable rhythm to problem solving. With repeated use, the Cycle of GrowthTM becomes second nature. Students benefit from the structure, familiarity, and routine steps to growth and success. 

Triangle of Triumph.png
Students learn and practice the Triangle of TriumphTM to promote positive behavior change. For example, in an emotionally challenging moment, they know to 1) hit pause and take three breaths, during which time they, 2) feel and identify their emotions, and 3) consider and select a positive plan of action to manage the situation. A simple but effective plan that has been practiced is an excellent tool for students to use in the moment when needed. This builds confidence and independence. 
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